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A.W.E. Contemporary Worship

The Contemporary Service is held in the Light House (building behind the main building) Auditorium beginning at 11:00 a.m. This A.W.E. Service, which stands for Alternative Worship Experience, is just that -"different or non-traditional." While our ministers preach on the same scripture at all three services each Sunday, the contemporary service has a more informal Order of Worship, and the congregation often dresses casually. There may be more performances from the drama and creative art teams, and there is usually a video during the service. Sometimes members of the congregation will participate, and the music is contemporary "praise" in nature, rather than traditional hymns and anthems. There are no acolytes for this service. Communion is served on the same day as in the traditional services, each month. Worship is led by a Worship Leader each week. The congregation is diverse. Believers who consistently attend are young and old, male and female. An energetic group enjoys this service each Sunday.

For our A.W.E. Contemporary Service, it's best to park in the spaces closer to the back of our church campus, as this service is located in our Light House building.