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About Saxe Gotha


During these tough economic times, many people seek assistance from our church. We attempt to provide each individual with a bagged meal, resource sheet for additional assistance in the community and a toiletry kit, if desired. Staff members also pray with these individuals who are in need of God's help. In addition we partner with Lexington School District one in providing food in backpacks for needy kids. These are sent home at the end of each week and then returned to be restocked with food items.

Please help us in keeping these vital supplies needed for benevolence ministry in stock. Donated items needed for this ministry include individual servings of mac and cheese, apple sauce, instant grits, ramen noodles, raisins, fruit cups, vegetable cups, canned chicken, crackers, cereal/granola bars, beef jerky, bottled water, bottled Gatorade and toiletry kit items. Depending on the need and availability we are also able to provide other types of assistance, as individuals make donations to the SGPB Benevolence Fund for this purpose. Thank you for praying for and assisting others in our community who are in great need.

To help with this ministry, please contact: