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About Saxe Gotha

Leaders & Teachers

We always have a need for amazing ministry leaders and teachers of God's word. Saxe Gotha is a good-sized church with a congregation that's active in all areas of life; accordingly, we must have lay leaders at all levels.  Teachers are needed for classes geared towards adults, children, middle school youth and high school youth.  Ministry leaders are needed for congregational care and missions ministries, as well as other areas of the church.  To get details on each ministry, please visit the corresponding webpages.  Then once you've determined what area interests you the most, please contact that staff member or lay leader to get involved.  

Still interested in being a significant part of Saxe Gotha, but not sure where you are needed? Contact Rev. Helen Harrison Coker and she can help direct you to some of the many ways to serve and give God joy here at Saxe Gotha.