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SEnior Classics

This group of Senior Adults plans some wonderful events throughout the year!  They host the fall and spring dinners that are held prior to the Lexington County Choral Society concerts, plan the Senior Summer Suppers & Speakers series, and more! 

Caring Connections

Some folks seem to think that seniors just rock on the porch and remember the "good old days." Our Seniors ministries have put that stereotype to rest for many of us. A good example is the Caring Connection's ministry team.

These visitors tallied up their visiting records and found that, working together, they had made over 1700 visits during one year's time. The majority of these visits were made to someone's home, to an assisted living facility, or to the hospital. Sometimes it was the visit of an individual caller, and sometimes it was a visit by a couple who called together. The visits were not always easy, but seemed to be greatly valued by all concerned parties. In Genesis, when God made Eve, it was because "it was not good" for people to live in isolation.

This group of about two dozen women and men is always looking both for people who desire a regular visit and for people who would like to express a part of their ministry in this way. They are discovering that everybody benefits from this extension of love and caring.

To get involved, please contact co-coordinators:
Bonnie Minier (803.359.1322) and Mary Ann Wray (803.358.9151).

Caring Connections Brotherhood

Formed by church members, this group provides fellowship and grief support for widowers or men who have lost a close family member. The group meets each Tuesday at 12:00 noon at the Flight Deck Restaurant here in Lexington (109-A Old Chapin Rd.) and it continues to grow as new individuals join. Members sometimes make Caring Connections visits after the lunch meeting, too.  

And the group sometimes goes on excursions elsewhere to have a great time together.

To get involved in the Caring Connections Brotherhood, please contact:
Mike Graves (703-481-8166).

Widows in Group Share (WinGS) 

Please be sure to check out the details about our Widows support group in the Congregational Care section.  Although many of its members are senior adults, it's open to widows of all ages!